Get the right audience for your webinars

How to Get the Right Audience to Show up for Your Webinars

Learn how to maximize turnout for your webinars using Hubilo's email marketing engine. Send personalized, branded emails, simplify registration, eliminate spammers, and boost attendance with timely reminders. Create a seamless and engaging webinar experience for your audience, resulting in higher ROI and audience growth.
August 17, 2023

Emails are one of the most effective channels to drive registrations and attendance for webinars. After getting the speaker lineup ready and making the registration page live, you want maximum turnout for your webinar.

With busy schedules and numerous online distractions competing for their attention, it is easy for registered attendees to lose track of your webinar. A timely and thoughtful email reminder can convince them to show up on time. In addition to reigniting the attendee’s interest in the webinar, an invitation email makes the sign-up and joining process seamless.  

Hubilo’s powerful email marketing engine enables you to send highly-targeted emails to your attendees. With built-in automated templates, email filtering features, and reporting capabilities, Hubilo allows you to set up high-impact email cadences with minimal effort! Here is how you can use Hubilo to drive webinar registrations and attendance. 

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Best practices to target the right audience for your webinars

1. Make it easy for attendees to sign up and join your webinar

Attractive webinar emails with catchy subject lines can drive open rates and registrations. Eye-catching emails with actionable next steps nudge your audience to quickly sign up for the webinar and drive event attendance exponentially. 

Hubilo’s email marketing engine allows marketers to send highly personalized and branded emails to thousands of attendees in just a few clicks! The intuitive and user-friendly interface lets you customize emails effortlessly without any coding or design skills. With high deliverability rates, you can ensure maximum email open rates and conversions. 

A seamless registration process with an auto-calendar block option allows attendees to add the invite instantly to their personal calendars as a reminder. You can also share magic links in the invite email to allow attendees to effortlessly join your session. With Hubilo, you have fewer steps, fewer processes, just more convenience for a truly seamless webinar experience!

Hubilo’s email marketing engine
Send personalized email invites to thousands of attendees with a click!

2. Eliminate spammers by filtering email domains 

Webinars are one of the best platforms to showcase your new products and services. However, spammers, competitors, and fraudulent visitors often target webinars with malicious intent to steal proprietary data or harm your brand. In addition to making the signup and joining process easy, you must also regulate who can and cannot enter your webinars. To ensure maximum attendance and ROI, the webinar content should be accessible only to the right audience aligned with your goals. Hubilo lets you target your desired audience with absolute accuracy, adding an extra layer of security to your webinars!

Our email filtering feature lets you selectively filter specific email domains from signing up. You can blacklist or whitelist email domains to reach the right audience and ensure the sanity of your registration list. For instance, if your webinar is targeted at a niche audience, whitelisting relevant domains filters out irrelevant registrations. You can rest assured your webinar is accessible only to genuine attendees. 

And more genuine registrations mean more event attendance! This also means optimal use of credits and free resources reserved for your target audience, especially if you are sharing exclusive offers during the session. With domain filtering, you can limit access to special offers like an extended free trial or discounts to target audience segments by industry/ organization, etc. 

Reach the right audience and prevent irrelevant registrations with Hubilo
Reach the right audience and prevent irrelevant registrations with Hubilo

3. Boost attendance with timely reminders  

Attractive reminder emails at the right time capture your audience’s attention and create a sense of urgency to join the webinar. Hubilo’s automated email templates enable you to instantly create visually appealing webinar reminders. The ready-to-use templates come with easy customization features and options to add external links. You can edit these reminders to match your brand’s unique style. You can schedule an email cadence of up to 3 reminders, ranging from one week to 15 minutes before the event starts to ensure maximum turnout. To further drive engagement, you can add a well-crafted ‘Thank-you’ email with useful resources soon after the live webinar ends. These personalized, branded emails add a whole new layer of professionalism to your event and improve the overall attendee experience, driving conversions and helping you grow your audience exponentially! 

Hubilo’s range of automated email templates
Effortlessly set up email cadences with Hubilo’s range of automated email templates

Want to win your webinar audience over with emails? Create a lasting impression, and maximize ROI by sending the right message at the right time to your audience. Use Hubilo to get better best results from webinars! 

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