AI in webinars

The Complete Guide for AI in Webinars

Discover how AI is shaping the future of webinars, making them more efficient, personalized, and scalable. Here is how you can use Hubilo’s AI-powered tools to take your webinar to the next level.
October 27, 2023

AI is revolutionizing the world of marketing, and webinars are no exception. As a forward-thinking marketer, it's time to explore the exciting possibilities of AI within your webinar strategy. In this blog, we'll guide you through the incredible ways AI can enhance your webinar experience and performance and the essential do's and don'ts.

Leveraging AI for your webinars

1.  Boost efficiency 

Webinars are goldmines of content, but transforming this content into blogs, videos, and social media posts can be a time-consuming process. With generative AI tools like Snackable Content Hub, you can build further on the work you put in for your webinars without re-watching webinars and or utilizing extra manpower. Instantly generate editable assets such as social media posts, transcripts, video clips, and blogs.  AI lets you create a content library for various marketing channels right after your webinar, delivering content to your audience when they're most engaged.

  • Website content - Speed up your webinar set-up with AI-generated landing page descriptions and titles. Quickly A/B test campaigns based on target audience segments. After the webinar, host on-demand recording and post SEO-optimized blogs on your website to drive more traffic and leads. 
  • Social media posts - Create LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter posts that create the right buzz to promote your webinar content across social media. 
  • Post-webinar resources - Share webinar transcripts and summaries with your audience right when they’re the most engaged. Expand to new audiences with video and audio highlights from your webinars.  

2. Embrace personalization 

Personalization is the key to customer engagement, and AI is here to help. AI helps curate relevant content and formats for your target audience immediately after your webinars. With this, you can share content that addresses specific pain points or questions raised during your webinar.

Personalized content also aids in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns. From personalized 'Thank You' notes with webinar summaries to content tailored to specific personas or industries, generative AI can supercharge your ABM content strategy. Fine-tune AI prompts in Snackable Content Hub to align with the preferences of segmented buyer personas, arming your sales team with tailored content for their prospects. With AI, you can expect more content, more views, more leads, and more conversions from every webinar!

Repurpose your webinars instantly with AI

3. Elevate scalability

AI is built for scale. You can analyze large volumes of data, automate several routine manual tasks, and scale operations exponentially. But first, you need to identify areas to implement AI and automation. Just like any tool in your martech stack or any program you build, you need to look at ways to enhance your webinar program with AI. Tools like the Revenue Impact dashboard help monitor webinar campaign performance, pipeline, and forecasts in real time. It helps you understand the campaign performance, pipeline data, and the factors that influence conversion. Pair audience intelligence with generative AI to streamline and scale your operations.

You can quickly discover the potential for conversion with additional touch points and close more opportunities. With revenue-integrated recommendations and insights, you can optimize your marketing strategies and find new areas for improvement.

Accelerate your pipeline with data-driven insights

A Word of Caution 

To successfully incorporate AI into your webinar programs, consider the following key factors: 

  • Security - Your users trust you with their data, so make sure to follow security and privacy protocols in your AI strategy. Let your users know what data is collected and how it enhances their brand experience. Train your team on secure data management.
  • Prompt engineering - Implementing new technology takes time. Experiment with AI in your webinars; it addresses multiple use cases. The more you use AI, the better you'll become at harnessing its potential. 
  • Human Intervention - AI is a powerful tool, but it's not infallible. It should be viewed as your co-pilot. Human oversight is essential for making the right decisions.
  • QA - Your webinars reflect your brand and resonate with your target audience. Ensure the content outputs you receive align with your brand's and audience's standards as well.
Do & Donts of AI in webinars

Watch the on-demand Webinar for best practices for implementing AI in marketing. 

Learn about the best practices for marketing automation and AI implementation. Watch this on-demand webinar featuring insights from leaders in Product Marketing, Account-based Marketing, and RevOps on the best ways to use AI to boost productivity and quality in content development and operations. Access your On-demand Webinar here.

FAQs for leveraging AI in Webinars

1. How can AI boost efficiencies in my webinar program workflow?

AI can automate webinar content creation and personalization - From sending the right message to the right audience segment to repurposing webinars, AI makes hosting, managing, and promoting webinars easy. 

2. What are the use cases for AI for webinars?

AI drives personalization, engagement, and efficiency for webinars. 

  • Personalization: With AI, you can capture attendee interactions and data in one place to personalize the webinar experience. Promote content based on individual preferences and needs, such as past interactions or job roles. Personalization makes Webinars more engaging and valuable for attendees.
  • Engagement: AI enhances webinar engagement by giving presenters real-time engagement options and analytics. Speakers can adjust their content based on audience reactions. Marketers can drive live interactions with Q&As, polls, and conversion prompts, capture all this data for follow-ups, and send relevant resources to attendees after the Webinar.
  • Efficiency: AI automates and streamlines marketing operations and reporting. From segmenting audiences for lead nurture to optimizing ROI, AI enables you to scale your webinars considerably. You can ensure everything runs smoothly and deliver a hassle-free experience for presenters, attendees, and your sales team.

3. What human intervention is required in using AI for webinars?

Your marketing campaigns are meant for humans. It may be tempting to use only AI-generated content and automation. However, AI can't replace humans. The human touch is still required for quality assurance, especially for critical tasks such as content creation. 

4. How advanced do you have to be in prompt engineering when using AI for webinars?

No-code AI webinar tools are user-friendly and require no technical or professional expertise. As a marketer, you can get started, A/B test your campaigns, and run experiments quickly to see what's working without depending on a developer or a tech team. 

5. What outputs can I expect from using AI in webinars?

You can expect more content, more views per webinar, more leads, and more conversions with AI. You also gain a wealth of actionable data to personalize and optimize your marketing campaigns. 

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