Client Experience and Customer Service

Count the ways client experience is not the same as customer service for your events

Customer service can’t compare to the value that client experience brings to your events. The stats below will prove it to you
Arushi Gupta
June 24, 2022

It’s tempting to think — service is service, right? Getting an answer to your question, getting a solution to your problem; it’s not that complex. And the single response part of the customer service experience probably isn’t. But producing a virtual or hybrid event that has people talking long after it ends takes more than just troubleshooting a few day-of glitches.  

To break down the difference between what a client experience (CX) team offers vs. what you get with traditional tech support, we list a few staggering stats below that make the case for one over the other. Come along with us and clue into why client experience matters so much for your virtual event; by the end you’ll agree that Hubilo’s CX is the solution.

Nearly 90% of buyers say that the experience a company provides matters as much as their products or services [1]

Like any business that cares about success, we know the importance of a memorable first impression. That’s why we think about the client experience as much more than getting simple resolutions to your concerns. 

Say you’ve got a question. With most standard customer service, there’s a good chance that a chatbot will attempt to answer your question (but only if it’s not too complicated). In contrast, with client experience you talk to humans, getting the help you need from a CX team that empathizes with exactly what you want from your virtual and hybrid event. 

Client Experience

Trying to figure out your plan of attack for your event? Pinning down the ideal theme and snagging the perfect panel guests and keynote speaker? Heads up: traditional customer service or standard tech support isn’t going to help. You’ll be juggling the tight budget, struggling with staffing constraints, and handling last minute snags solo, because none of that is in tech support’s wheelhouse. 

With an elevated client experience, you get a CX team that’s by your side strategizing with you; in fact, a CX manager partners with you to understand your needs and builds an event strategy that aligns with your goals.  

45.7% of marketers say their primary goal of virtual events is to generate pipeline [2]

 When you plan an event, you have a goal in mind related to lead generation and revenue. Everyone loves crafting a well-attended event, but you are thinking big picture about how to capitalize on your attendees afterwards through lead nurturing and, hopefully, converting them into a customer. All of this is running constantly through your mind as you’re planning the experience.  

With traditional tech support or customer service, unless there’s a tech-related issue, you're managing it all alone at your hybrid event. You’re doing so much that you miss out working on those little things that matter to make sure the event is a success. Got a QR code with a dead link not working? Need to expedite badge printing for a hybrid event? Are attendees getting stuck in the registration process? 

Hubilo Cx Support

 With all of these details nagging at you unexpectedly, you may be in your event without being truly present for all of the planning needed. The CX team will come to the rescue so you can refocus on your pipeline and the “what’s next” aspect of your event.

25% of event professionals feel like their hybrid/virtual events aren’t meeting their goals[3]

Once your event is a wrap, the real work begins because that’s when you have to find out if all that hard work on the front end has aligned with you and your company’s goals. The last thing you want to have to do is go on a data fishing expedition to find out. 

Still, you need to know — how'd the event go? Was the engagement level up to the mark? Did you get enough leads? Without knowing what exactly to look for, you just don't know.  

Fortunately, data retrieval is in the CX team's arsenal. Once your event is done, a CX manager meets with you, providing a comprehensive visual of your event’s data so you can make the best business decisions minus the tedious data pulling.  

A final point

At every turn and in every instance, Hubilo’s CX team is the better choice. More personable, more engaged, more invested, offering more insights, more concern, more care, just more. Hubilo’s CX team is determined to help you create an event experience that meets your company’s goals and is also loved by your attendees. Head to Hubilo’s client experience page and see what’s in store for your next hybrid event. 

Arushi Gupta

Arushi is a writer who makes reading simple and painless for you. She has a keen interest in marketing and copywriting. Besides her ambivert character, she is someone who loves cheesecakes, coffee and candid conversations. In her free time, you'll find her playing an outdoor sport or listening to a podcast.

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