Hubilo and Salesforce integration

Boost Conversions from Your Webinars with Hubilo and Salesforce Integration

Maximize your webinar impact with the powerful combination of Hubilo and Salesforce. Effortlessly generate leads, streamline campaigns, and measure ROI for data-driven success.
August 3, 2023

Hubilo and Salesforce integration lets you identify and qualify leads faster, run more targeted follow-ups and nurture sequences, and easily measure and prove your webinar ROI.

Check out how easy it is to get started:

Hubilo + Salesforce

Hubilo and Salesforce integration

Quickly connect your Salesforce account from the Integration section of your Hubilo dashboard. Once authenticated, you can connect your webinars on Hubilo with Salesforce.

Syncing individual webinars gives you more control over what data you want to export and makes tracking the performance of specific campaigns you run on Salesforce easier.

Automatically save registrations as a Lead or Contact

Automatically save registrations as a Lead or Contact with Salesforce integration

Automatically push registrations from your Hubilo webinars to create a Lead or Contact in your Salesforce account (or enrich your existing Lead or Contact with Hubilo webinar activities). This eliminates manual work to move webinar registration data to Salesforce, saving time and effort.

Easily sync default profile fields, custom profile fields, magic links, groups data, UTM parameters, etc., based on your needs and keep your Salesforce database current.

Automate your Salesforce Campaigns

Automate your Salesforce Campaigns

Sync webinar registrations with your Salesforce Campaigns to automatically assign leads or contacts from your webinar on Hubilo to specific campaigns you run on Salesforce. Map Hubilo Fields with Salesforce Campaign Fields to easily track the source of leads or contacts you get from your Hubilo webinars.

Dynamically update Campaign Member Status based on attendee webinar status (registered, logged in, no show, attended on demand). Updated attendee status can help your marketing and sales team members stay on top of their target accounts and send relevant post-webinar communication.

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Boost Conversions and Prove your Webinar ROI

Boost Conversions and Prove your Webinar ROI

Sync attendee activity data (registered, logged in, watched a session, questions asked, survey submitted, polls submitted, Hubilo Lead Score, Conversion Prompt, etc.) from your webinars to Salesforce. 

Use this to run more personalized follow-up and nurture campaigns. And automatically update the activity stream of specific leads/ contacts to let your sales team gauge buyer intent better and structure their sales conversations accordingly.

Hubilo's Revenue Impact Dashboard

You can also use Hubilo's Revenue Impact Dashboard to measure and prove your webinar ROI. Revenue Impact Dashboard provides a detailed view of the pipeline generated and influenced through your Hubilo webinars, giving you actionable insights to improve your marketing efforts and share detailed reports on the impact with your management.

These are just some highlights; Hubilo and Salesforce Integration open up many new possibilities for you to explore.

Learn more about integrations available on Hubilo.

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