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Beyond Basic: POV You’ve Outgrown Zoom

Don't let a basic webinar platform hold you back. Discover how Hubilo's Webinar+ can help you establish your brand, scale your demand-gen efforts, and automate your data flows.
April 25, 2023

You’ve lined up your speakers. You’ve sent out the invites. You’ve set up your webinar platform. You think you’re all set. 

But…once your webinar actually starts, things fall into a disarray. 

Audiences queue up to register, but end up dropping off because of a disjointed login experience. The ones who do manage to join your webinar attend it on an antiquated looking platform- one with bare bones branding that doesn’t do much to make your brand stand apart. Barely anyone engages with limited options for them to interact with the speakers, or each other. And once it all ends, it’s a nightmare to sync the event data to your CRM & MAP systems.

Who should be using a basic webinar platform?

Basic webinar platforms are great for internal meetings, CAB meetings, or for small recorded webinar sessions you’ll edit later. To accomplish your business goals like growing a community, building a brand, generating more pipeline, you need a lot more than something basic. 

With ever increasing competition, the challenge to stand out amongst a swathe of brands, and to fulfill your event goals, has become progressively harder. That said, having the right webinar platform helps you move beyond these hurdles. 

How do I know I’m ready to move on to a more sophisticated platform?

You’re establishing a brand and growing your community

To establish your brand with your audience, you need customization beyond a single logo in your webinar. Your attendees need to recognize your brand that’s hosting the event, and not the webinar platform. Moreover, without the right engagement tools, the audiences are merely passive spectators, and not  connecting with your brand the way you want.

You’re scaling a demand-gen or webinar nurture series

Automating workflows is crucial to scaling your marketing efforts. A webinar platform with in-built email capabilities, seamless registration that not only enables you to personalize your nurture cadences, and enables you to repurpose high quality content, saves you from the hassle of managing multiple tools to do one job. 

You need to automate data flows faster

At the end of the day, we all need to prove the business value our efforts have achieved. With data in silos, inefficient integrations, insufficient analytics that don’t quite capture your event’s ROI, it’s a challenge to show impact on your company’s bottom line, faster.

Okay, I’m sold! But what do I look for in a new webinar platform?

Beyond basic webinar platform

End-to-end branding capabilities

Your brand across your webinar needs to be consistent. Look for branding capabilities not just during the webinars, with in-stream branding, logo placements, and branded themes, but also before and after the event- right from your registration page to the pre and post event emails

Rich engagement features that balance audience focus and interactivity

Disengaged audiences are unlikely to follow up, or take interest in your brand once the webinar ends. You need to be able to hook your audience and promote intent-driven participation. Choose a platform that offers new ways to engage- like interactive polls, watch parties, or gamification. Capturing your audience’s interest is half the battle won.

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Seamless speaker & audience experience, from start to finish

Attending, or speaking at a webinar shouldn’t be harder than setting one up. Opt for a webinar platform that lets you curate a seamless journey for both the audience, and the speaker, improving your retention rate.

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Well connected data across your CRM & MAP

Siloed data. Arduous extraction of data from unconnected CRM/MAP systems. Not only will you waste precious time in inefficient processes, you’re also going to slow the sales funnel, and even lose out on some crucial info. A webinar platform that speaks seamlessly, both to and from to your Martech tools, hastens and amplifies your marketing muscle.

Outgrowing your webinar platform is a common theme we’re seeing happening across industries. Basic webinar platforms may feel like quick fixes for the short term, but they don’t further your business outcomes in the long run. Leave this outdated technology behind, and hop on to newer avenues that drive higher registration & attendance, improve your overall engagement, and hasten your funnel conversions.

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