How to create an evergreen webinar

Everything You Need to Know about Evergreen Webinars

One of the many benefits of evergreen webinars is how they will always be relevant. Learn more about how evergreen webinars here.
March 28, 2023

The rapid growth of digital events, particularly in the workplace, was unexpected but significant due to the recent pandemic and the rise of remote work. The business hosting the webinar benefits significantly, considering that 47% of webinar views typically occur within ten days of the live event. Engaging webinars have now become an anticipated aspect of the business landscape. Creating evergreen webinar content presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to effectively communicate with potential and existing customers online while generating durable on-demand content that continues to benefit the company in the long run. A well-executed evergreen webinar is a valuable sales tool, enabling you to deliver a personalized sales presentation on a scalable level. In certain instances, evergreen webinars can transform into highly efficient automated sales engines. Curious to learn more? This post shares the insights we have gained on creating effective evergreen webinars that drive conversions in your sales funnel and provide an exceptional attendee experience.

What is an evergreen webinar?

An evergreen webinar is a pre-recorded online presentation that can run automatically for weeks, months, and even years because the content remains relevant, and people can attend at any time. Evergreen webinars, named after the evergreen tree, maintain their relevance regardless of publication date. Like the tree that retains its leaves throughout the year, evergreen webinars stay updated for an extended period. 

An evergreen webinar aims to stay fresh and relevant for an extended duration. Often, they are automated webinars and made available on demand. Evergreen webinars prioritize educational content and serve as valuable learning tools or contribute to building a comprehensive content library. Depending on the webinar software created, an evergreen webinar may include interactive elements, such as triggering a poll to appear at a specific moment during the video or allowing attendees to send the host messages.

From the host's perspective, you only need to record the material once and can distribute it infinitely. The main advantage of an evergreen webinar is that it requires minimal effort to run once it's live. From the attendee's perspective, evergreen webinars offer the main benefit of providing a detailed overview of a product or service at a convenient time without the need to engage with a salesperson first. 

Examples of evergreen webinars

The best evergreen webinars draw from topics that are consistently relevant. Webinar topics that are overly trendy or related to news, statistics, reports, or pop culture do not fit well into the evergreen webinar funnel because they have short-term value and will change soon.

Evergreen webinar marketing should contain content that remains constant over time. For instance, Customer onboarding campaigns are an excellent example of an evergreen topic for a conversion funnel. It discusses fundamental information about onboarding customers that will remain essentially unchanged. The need for companies to onboard new customers will always exist, and the data remains pertinent as it consists of onboarding basics that hold over time.

Types of evergreen webinars

Several types of evergreen webinars can benefit individuals, businesses, or organizations at some point:


"How-To's" are prominent in online content and frequently ranked in searches. If your webinar demonstrates how to perform perennially useful tasks or skills, making it available on demand is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Expert Advice: 

Offering advice on demand through evergreen webinars establishes your thought leadership in the industry and maximizes the utilization of guest speakers or C-suite executive time. By creating content that can be replayed and reused, you can extend the impact of their valuable insights, making it accessible to a broader audience at their convenience.


Utilize evergreen webinars to teach users how to efficiently use new products, product updates, or integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Creating an evergreen webinar with information that addresses frequently asked questions (FAQs) is a highly effective strategy. You can proactively address the needs of your audience and preemptively resolve potential issues. Transforming FAQs into videos allows you to present the information in an engaging and easily accessible format.

Educational Content Presentation: 

Training and class materials are among the best-known evergreen webinar content for most people. These webinars focus on a particular task or topic, similar to how a textbook is structured.

Recording tutorials for your evergreen webinar

Why should webinars be evergreen?

Webinars should be evergreen because they allow businesses and organizations to repurpose and prolong the lifespan of their content while also providing valuable resources for potential and existing customers. Initially, webinars focused on live events, involving extensive preparation, including script-writing, slide decks, rehearsals, marketing emails, and content revisions. Unfortunately, with live webinars, valuable information could be lost as there was no way for attendees to rewatch the session.

Evergreen webinars, however, offer the solution to this challenge by enabling the reuse of content and extending its availability. This approach saves time and effort and creates a valuable repository of information for prospects and customers at their convenience. Furthermore, evergreen webinars serve as an effective and cost-efficient means of generating leads and converting them into paying customers.

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Live webinars vs evergreen webinars 

Live Webinar Evergreen Webinar
  • Live,real time
  • Conferences, presentations
  • Video collaborations
  • Real time communication
  • Attendees get answers in real time
  • Able to reach target group easier
  • Pre-recorded
  • Prep in advance
  • Will always be new to audience
  • Always relevant
  • Record quietly, no interruptions
  • Polish to perfection
  • The difference between "Evergreen Content" & "Evergreen Webinar."

    "Evergreen content" broadly refers to topics that remain relevant for an extended period or indefinitely. This type of content is not tied to specific news, statistics, pop culture, or current events, as those become outdated quickly. Instead, evergreen content focuses on timeless subjects such as training procedures, customer care tips, frequently asked questions and similar topics that are less likely to change over time.

    On the other hand, an "evergreen webinar" encompasses not only evergreen content but also the capability of the webinar to be recorded and reused. While a live webinar featuring evergreen content can be a one-time event, an evergreen webinar takes it a step further. It involves recording the webinar and repackaging it in an on-demand format, allowing it to be accessed and viewed repeatedly by the audience.

    In summary, evergreen content refers to timeless topics, while an evergreen webinar goes beyond that, involving the recording and reusability of the webinar's content in an on-demand manner. This approach ensures that the webinar remains available and beneficial to viewers over an extended period.

    What are the benefits of evergreen webinars?

    Evergreen webinars offer several benefits due to their non-expiring nature. When automated, they operate on autopilot, effortlessly attracting new leads without requiring additional effort from the webinar organizer. It makes evergreen webinars highly efficient tools for scalability, providing a cost-effective method for generating leads over an extended period.

    Furthermore, evergreen content holds significant shareability. People share valuable information with others, aiming to bring value and influence opinions. 49% of respondents shared content to inform others about products they care about and create potential opinion shifts. Webinars focusing on frequently searched topics can drive continuous traffic. Incorporating top keywords into the titles of evergreen webinars enhances their exposure, leading to broader reach and engagement.

    Top three benefits for hosts

    Effortless scaling of webinar attendance and time-saving: 

    Live webinars require constant preparation and hosting, limiting the number of sessions you can offer. On the other hand, Evergreen webinars run automatically without the host's effort, making them highly scalable and time-efficient.

    Detailed, qualitative customer data: 

    Unlike live webinars, where interactions are limited, evergreen webinars using solutions like Hubilo offer a variety of engaging interactions, allowing hosts to ask prospects detailed questions and gather valuable qualitative customer data to improve messaging and marketing campaigns.

    Increased webinar conversions with live chat:

    Traditional webinars often need help to address all attendee questions adequately. Evergreen webinar solutions like Hubilo enable hosts to respond to attendees' questions in real-time or later, ensuring better engagement and increasing conversion rates.

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    Top three benefits for attendees

    Flexibility in attendance: 

    Evergreen webinars allow attendees to participate at their convenience since a fixed schedule does not bind them, and they can choose a time that works best for them.

    Timely responses to questions: 

    Attendees expect to have their questions addressed during webinars. Evergreen webinars using Hubilo allow hosts to respond thoughtfully to each question immediately or later, ensuring a satisfying experience for attendees.

    More engaging and enjoyable experience:

    Unlike passive live events, evergreen webinars with Hubilo incorporate frequent interactions like feedback, questions, tips, and links, making the webinar experience more interactive and enjoyable for the attendees.

    How to create an evergreen webinar

    Creating an evergreen webinar does not require specific software; the best webinar platforms offer features to facilitate evergreen webinars.

    The process is straightforward: Evergreen webinars are pre-recorded webinars converted into on-demand content by the hosts or organizers. These pre-recorded webinars can either be recordings of previously live sessions or media files uploaded by the hosts to the webinar platform.

    Having the flexibility to edit the length of your webinar can prove advantageous, given that 44% of webinar attendees prefer presentations that last approximately 45 minutes. Audiences need to register through a registration page where they provide some personal information to access an evergreen webinar. After registration, they are either redirected to the webinar room or provided an access link. Since evergreen webinars are available on-demand, viewers can watch them conveniently. Although the audience can still interact through question and poll tabs, chat functionality is often disabled since evergreen webinars do not have active moderators.

    To set up an evergreen webinar, follow these steps:

    • Write a script: Begin with a well-planned and engaging webinar script to form the foundation of your webinar.
    • Host a live webinar: Whether an entire webinar or a high-quality recording, involve presenters to deliver the content. Include interactive elements like live chat, Q&A, and other engagement features.
    • Repurpose your recording or upload a video: Convert your webinar recording or any relevant video content into an evergreen webinar. Utilize webinar platforms and software tools to create and automate your presentation.
    • Include special offers or a call to action: Maintain a sense of urgency by incorporating special offers or a CTA at the end of your evergreen webinar to encourage audience engagement or promote your services.
    • Schedule your webinar: Customize the scheduling to fit your needs, whether recurring sessions, on-demand access, or tailored to different time zones.
    • Enhance the experience with live interaction: Create live chat rooms for attendees and actively participate in the chat to offer a more personalized experience.
    • Go live: Launch your evergreen webinar, start promotions, and effectively connect with your target audience.

    How can you create an evergreen webinar funnel for more customers?

    Utilize the inherent capabilities of evergreen webinars to create a webinar funnel for lead generation. Each evergreen webinar includes a registration page that assists in capturing new leads. The advantage of evergreen webinars being permanent is that they continuously gather new leads without a time constraint.

    In a marketing funnel, evergreen webinars can generate leads at various stages, from the top to the middle of the funnel. They are beneficial for steps where direct interaction with leads is not required.

    The need for straightforward and polished webinar platforms will also grow as the demand for live and on-demand educational content increases. By identifying your requirements early and thoroughly testing different platforms, your team will be well-prepared to educate, inspire, and gain a deeper understanding of your customer base, enabling you to assist them in making informed decisions.

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    Evaluating the best evergreen webinar software

    When evaluating the best evergreen webinar software, relying solely on Google for the search may be tempting. However, this approach may lead to missing out on essential features that enhance the quality of your presentations. Additionally, there is a risk of over-investing in software that may only partially meet your needs.

    1. A webinar program can range from a simple automated recording to a complex setup resembling live television production. To determine the appropriate software, ask yourself the following questions: How many attendees do you expect per session? Different webinar platforms offer tiered pricing based on the number of guests allowed in a webinar. If you're starting your webinar program, look for an option that provides scalability without requiring a significant upfront investment.
    2. Consider the available resources at your disposal. Training and implementation can be time-consuming, so assessing the level of support provided by the platforms you're researching is crucial. Check if you'll have a dedicated account manager and how comprehensive the platform's resource library is. Remember, the best software is one that you can effectively utilize.
    3. Take advantage of free trials offered by various platforms. If you need more time to evaluate a product before making a purchase, don't hesitate to inquire about an extension from the provider. This way, you can make an informed decision and choose the most suitable evergreen webinar software for your needs.

    Best evergreen webinar platforms

    On-demand webinars possess a different immediate converting power than their live counterparts; however, they excel at customer education and building brand trust. Consider on-demand webinars to educate your existing customer base and demonstrate your company's commitment to providing help and support.

    Here are the top software options for hosting, recording, and delivering evergreen webinars:


    Hubilo stands out from other evergreen webinar software solutions with its three key differentiators. Firstly, Hubilo offers a unique chat feature that enables hosts to respond live or later, ensuring every attendee receives a prompt response to their questions. Secondly, it boasts the most diverse selection of customizable interactions, allowing for engaging and interactive webinar experiences without becoming repetitive. Finally, Hubilo provides unparalleled webinar availability options, offering registrants scheduling choices. This flexibility increases attendance rates and enhances hosts' and attendees' webinar experience.

    webinar platform


    WebinarGeek provides a simple and intuitive platform for hosting and recording live webinars. Its monthly pricing plan makes it accessible for businesses exploring the webinar space, and the pre-record function enables testing and rehearsal before converting webinars into evergreen content.


    eWebinar focuses exclusively on webinar automation, making it an excellent choice for companies aiming to scale their sales demos and customer onboarding webinars while maintaining a valuable one-on-one connection. Its flexible scheduling options allow webinars to be available around the clock in any time zone, and the unique chat system enables real-time interaction with attendees.


    Demio offers the best of both worlds, emphasizing live webinars while enabling the easy creation of a webinar library with automated webinar recordings. Features like the "Stay Registered" option capture valuable emails for future email marketing efforts, and an insightful analytics dashboard informs content decisions.


    Designed for on-demand webinars, EverWebinar is known as the pioneer in evergreen webinar technology. It allows scheduling webinars to play at set intervals, mimicking the live experience and facilitating audience engagement. Unique features like "Block dates" and "Time-zone auto-detection" enhance the user experience.

    Plan your evergreen webinars with Hubilo.

    Evergreen webinar content offers numerous advantages for keeping your brand current, effectively promoting products and services with valuable information for your target audience, and effortlessly generating leads and customer engagement. Utilizing a quality webinar platform and the appropriate software tools can harness the power of evergreen webinars to enhance your business prospects. With the right approach, the possibilities are boundless, allowing you to reach new heights in your marketing and engagement efforts. 

    Hubilo is a simple, user-friendly webinar platform that hosts and records live webinars. It focuses on webinar automation, making it ideal for companies looking to scale their sales demos and customer onboarding webinars while maintaining valuable one-on-one connections with attendees. While emphasizing live webinars, Hubilo also allows the easy creation of a webinar library with automated recordings, catering to on-demand webinars. One of its standout features is the unique chat function, enabling hosts to respond to attendees in real time or later, ensuring prompt and personalized interactions. 

    Additionally, Hubilo offers various customizable interactions, preventing monotony and creating engaging webinar experiences. Moreover, it stands out with unparalleled webinar availability options, providing registrants with flexible scheduling choices that increase attendance rates and enhance hosts' and attendees' overall webinar experience. Discover how Hubilo can help you host engaging live webinars, automate your evergreen content, and create valuable connections with your audience. Request a demo now and unleash the full potential of your webinars with Hubilo.

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