How to create an evergreen webinar

Everything You Need to Know about Evergreen Webinars

One of the many benefits of evergreen webinars is how they will always be relevant. Learn more about how evergreen webinars here.
March 28, 2023

Webinars, like all other types of virtual events, have grown in popularity within the past few years. By creating webinars with evergreen content, both the webinar hosts and the guests can focus on the true message and purpose behind the presentation. 

What is an evergreen webinar? 

An evergreen webinar is a webinar where the content created and shared is always relevant, no matter how much time goes by. Evergreen webinars are created to withstand the test of time. The name comes from the evergreen tree, whose leaves stay green all year long. The information provided in an evergreen webinar will always be relevant and useful, no matter how much time passes. 

Why should webinars be evergreen? 

As we all know, webinars have the ability to be recorded, saved and reviewed for later use. Because of this, the content provided in these webinars should have the ability to stay relevant over time. For example, if you wish to make a series of webinars as onboarding for new hires, then you want to make sure that the training content for the webinars is consistent and the same throughout. Evergreen webinars, no matter what the content is, should have the ability to be used as a reference or a training tool at any point in time.

What are the benefits of an evergreen webinar? 

The great thing about evergreen webinars is that they never expire! Evergreen webinars help to generate leads over time. This is actually extremely beneficial to the business holding the webinar, as it’s common that 47% of webinar views come within 10 days of the actual event, according to Demand Sage.With an automated evergreen webinar, webinar hosts are able to provide the information the guests need without the stress of hosting. Evergreen webinars are also easily shareable; if a guest finds a webinar with a relevant topic they truly care about, they’re more likely to tell others about it, which can help create an ever bigger audience.

Types of evergreen webinars 

There are a few types of evergreen webinars that your business can use. Depending on what your business goals are, you may want to use one of these evergreen webinar types:

Educational content 

Providing educational content, such as training and classes, in the form of an evergreen webinar can be beneficial for everyone involved. The content of these educational evergreen webinars should always be relevant to the chosen topic and be used for everyone who needs it. The guests who view these webinars will all have the same consistent training, so everybody will be on the same page.


How to’s are useful for so many people! They can teach webinar guests how to do certain things, the correct or traditional way. For example, if there is a certain way you want your webinar guests to follow a procedure, you can explain it, step by step and feature the information in an on-demand webinar format. Be sure to include a spot for questions, as your guests may have some!


These types of evergreen webinars are useful because you can tailor the questions to exactly what your guests are asking for. For example, if you have several guests asking the same question, you know it’s a popular question among your guests. These popular questions are going to be useful for everyone who has questions, as they might already see an answer to their question before they even ask it.


Advice is always useful to your guests. Webinar hosts can post their advice or offer additional guidance, which guests can easily access at any time! Because the content from evergreen webinars never goes out of style, you can use this advice over and over again, for whoever needs to hear it.


Your company may have a new product they need to show their guests how to use; for this, you can create a tutorial explaining how to use the product. For any new guests who are going to use this product in the future, you can refer them to this evergreen webinar for the best way to use this product!

Recording tutorials for your evergreen webinar

Live webinars vs evergreen webinars 

Live Webinar Evergreen Webinar
  • Live,real time
  • Conferences, presentations
  • Video collaborations
  • Real time communication
  • Attendees get answers in real time
  • Able to reach target group easier
  • Pre-recorded
  • Prep in advance
  • Will always be new to audience
  • Always relevant
  • Record quietly, no interruptions
  • Polish to perfection
  • How to create and execute an evergreen webinar 

    Creating an evergreen webinar is very similar to creating a regular webinar. The steps of the creative process are very similar, but the execution is a bit different. Follow these steps to create and execute a successful evergreen webinar.

    1. Create and develop a script 

    With an evergreen webinar, you are able to pre-plan and create a script for exactly what you want to say. You can brainstorm the ideas and speaking points you want to touch upon, that way you can be sure that your webinar is filled with all of the relevant points you want to address. 

    2. Set up and host 

    Once you get your webinar script completed, you’re ready to set up the webinar hosting platform and begin. You can add all of your automated webinar features, such as polls, Q&As or a call to action! These engagement features will help guests stay in touch with the evergreen webinar host, and vice versa. When everything is ready to go, you can hit the record button and begin the webinar!

    3. Record and upload 

    Using a webinar platform to host is the best way to upload your webinar, as they have all of the necessary tools, such as automation, to do so. Record your webinar using your webinar script, making sure you hit every talking point. Once your webinar is recorded, the hard part is over! This is where you can edit and polish your webinar until it's perfect, which is one of the biggest advantages of hosting an evergreen webinar! Being able to edit the length of your webinar can be beneficial, as 44% of webinar attendees perfer that the presentation last 45 minutes. You can edit out any parts of your webinar that you don’t need, rather than hosting live and having issues or mistakes.

    4. Provide a call to action 

    Webinar guests can send out a call to action automatically within the evergreen webinar. Webinar hosts can create a sense of urgency for any future events by inviting them to register or purchase tickets. You can prompt your guests with a link to further themselves into the company’s website, or even further into the engagement portion of the webinar. 

    5. Schedule your evergreen webinar 

    Scheduling your evergreen webinar should be easy! The right webinar hosting platform will have the ability to store and save every webinar that you host, and then from there you can schedule your webinar to go live. Guests can attend the webinar at a time that works for them. You can set up a webinar schedule, with certain webinars going live at their scheduled time. You can also schedule your evergreen webinar on an “on demand” schedule, which ensures your guests can view a scheduled webinar within 15 minutes of them registering. This ensures that your guest’s attention will be fully on the webinar, as it is ready to be viewed immediately. 

    6. Live interactions 

    As discussed above, live interactions between webinar hosts and their guests are a pivotal part of a webinar. According to data collected by Deck 7, it’s estimated that live question and answer sessions are used in 78% of webinars, but only 15% used polls. With the right evergreen webinar platform, you can upload your webinar with interaction features like live chats and polls. Webinar hosts can ask questions or ask for feedback from the guests. This feedback helps webinar hosts see what worked for the webinar and what didn’t. It also helps hosts plan for any future webinars!

    How to implement automated chat bots for your evergreen webinar

    7. Set your webinar live 

    Once you have completed all of the above actions for your evergreen webinar, you are ready to set it live! Your guests will receive all of the information you have carefully selected and they will receive that information in a useful manner with a webinar, complete with live interactions between the guest and the host. 

    Plan your evergreen webinars

    Evergreen webinars are created to stand the test of time. The information provided during these webinars will never change, so whenever the webinar is viewed, the guest watching the webinar will receive the same information as the first person to watch the webinar. If you choose to host your evergreen webinar with the right webinar hosting platform, every webinar that you upload is saved to a library and can be used for future use! Your guests will benefit from receiving this information that never goes out of style, and everyone watching these webinars will all be on the same page.   

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