Automate Webinar Lead Management Workflow

How to Automate Webinar Lead Management Workflow Like a Pro

Learn how to streamline capturing, qualifying, and engaging with leads generated at your webinars. Eliminate repetitive tasks, help sales and marketing teams run more personalized follow-up and nurture sequences, and get more conversions and ROI.
October 20, 2023

Your webinars are a goldmine of valuable data and insights on your prospects and, if used right, can help you identify, qualify, and convert leads faster. 

However, passing actionable insights to the right person or team can be challenging, and often, these insights get lost or become available too late for your sales or marketing teams to act upon.

It's all about getting the timing right

A sale can be attributed to perfect timing - when you connect with the right prospect with the right product or solution at the right time, exactly when they are ready to buy.

Connect with them too early, and you risk getting ignored (or blocked), but waiting too long can result in losing them to your competition - something you don't want.

But getting the timing right to close just one sale requires a lot of time, effort, and coordination between various stakeholders. How do I get the timing right for all the leads from multiple webinars I run?

Get the edge with lead management workflow

An effective lead management workflow can automate your entire process of capturing, qualifying, and engaging with leads generated or influenced through your webinars. It can help you:

Eliminate repetitive tasks to help you quickly scale your webinar program.

Run more personalized follow-ups and nurture campaigns based on the sales readiness of your prospects.

Get more conversion and ROI from your sales and marketing efforts.

Let's go through all the steps on how you can automate your webinar lead management workflow like a pro.

Step 1: Sync your webinars with your MarTech stack

Sync your webinars with your MarTech stack

Start by integrating your webinar platform with your CRM and Marketing tools. A tight integration between them will make everything much easier for you.

It will eliminate manual work to move lead data between your systems, make valuable insights on your prospects available to your sales and marketing teams on time, and help you measure and prove your webinar ROI.

However, most webinar platforms offer various basic integrations and are not designed considering marketers' needs today.

Hubilo offers robust integration with popular CRM and Marketing Automation tools (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, and more), helping you automate your workflows and do much more.

Step 2: Attract and capture leads

Attract and capture lead

Next, you want a modern landing page to host all the latest details on your webinar to get prospects interested. Run promotional campaigns and use your social channels to drive relevant traffic to this page.

Hubilo lets you create beautiful landing pages for your webinars in minutes with the built-in drag-and-drop editor. Customize the landing page per your brand and enable your audience to register quickly.

The custom registration form on your Hubilo landing page lets you capture prospect/ lead details in the format you like. Easily sync it with your CRM (e.g., Salesforce) to keep your customer databases updated.

You can also use any other landing page/ forms (e.g., Marketo forms, HubSpot contact forms) to manage registrations and automatically push the registration data to your webinars on Hubilo.

Step 3: Boost webinar attendance 

Webinar registrations don't directly translate to attendance. That is why you must stay engaged with your audience with relevant and timely communication throughout the sales cycle.

Hubilo lets you send customized emails to your audience before, during, and after your webinar. Hubilo automatically blocks your audience's calendar when they register so they don't miss your webinar, and the invite email on Hubilo has a unique magic link to help attendees securely join your webinar with a click - all this ensures higher attendance at your webinars.

You can also automatically export Hubilo magic links to your Marketing Automation tools (e.g., HubSpot, Marketo) to configure and send personalized invites to your audience.

Step 4: Identify, qualify, and nurture leads

Not all your webinar attendees will become your customers, so you must focus your sales and marketing efforts on those most likely to. And this is where engagement insights from your webinar become critical.

Hubilo is designed to boost engagement at your webinars while helping you capture valuable attendee insight, which you can easily sync with your marketing tools.

Use attendee activity data like registered, logged in, watched a session, questions asked, survey submitted, polls submitted, Hubilo Lead Score, Conversion Prompt CTA clicks, etc., to identify and qualify leads faster and run personalized follow-up and nurture sequences directly from your Marketing Automation tools (e.g., HubSpot, Marketo).

Step 5: Share leads with your sales team to convert

Share leads with your sales team to convert

You have worked hard to attract, identify, and qualify leads. But to cross the finish line, you must ensure this insight reaches the right sales for them to take action. However, this can be challenging, and any delays at this stage can jeopardize your efforts.

This is where Hubilo Sales Nudger can help you. It lets you automatically share actionable insights from your webinars as personalized Slack notifications to individual Sales Reps. Helping them quickly follow up and engage with their assigned accounts - boosting conversions and ROI from your webinars.

Step 6: Measure, learn, improve, and repeat

Measure, learn, improve, and repeat

Webinar lead management is an iterative process; you need to track various metrics like total leads generated from your webinar, sales cycle length, conversion rate, revenue impacted, etc.

It will help if you dig deeper to understand what is working and what is not and combine that with the feedback you get from your sales team to learn and refine the webinar lead management processes over time.

With robust integration on Hubilo, you have all data and insight already synced with your CRM and Marketing tools. Easily pull any report or metric you need or compare results with other programs or campaigns you run.

You can also use Hubilo's Revenue Impact Dashboard to measure and prove your webinar ROI. It provides a detailed view of the pipeline generated and influenced through your Hubilo webinars, giving you actionable insights to improve your marketing efforts and share detailed reports on the impact with your management.

These were some essential steps to automate your webinar lead management workflow. As we saw, a tight integration (like what Hubilo provides) can make going through all these steps a breeze and help you maximize conversions and ROI from your webinars.

Want to learn more or see Hubilo in action? Request a demo now.


1. How quickly can I set up a webinar on Hubilo? 

It depends on your use case, but typically, you can set up a webinar on Hubilo in minutes. Setup Workflow on Hubilo lets you quickly view and complete all the essential steps when you create a new webinar. From building a landing page, managing registrations, setting up emails, and managing data flow to and from your webinars - you can set up everything in a few easy steps.

2. How quickly can I integrate my CRM/ MAP?

It depends on your use case, but typically, you can integrate with CRM/ MAP natively available on Hubilo in minutes. 

3. Which CRM/ MAP can I integrate with Hubilo?

Hubilo natively integrates with popular CRM/ MAP like Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc. New integrations are added periodically based on demand.

4. What goals can I accomplish with a scaled webinar program?

A scaled webinar program can help you multiply the results you get from your webinars. For example, if you host 12 webinars annually for lead generation, scaling up your webinar program will allow you to run many more webinars throughout the year while targeting prospects through various funnel stages and getting more conversion and ROI.

5. What audience intel can I gather from a webinar hosted on Hubilo?

Hubilo offers the full spectrum of data and insight on your audience. Use aggregate Registration and Engagement insight to understand the overall performance of your webinar or go granular to understand the behavior of individual attendees in detail based on your needs. You can also easily sync all the data and insight with your CRM/ MAP.

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