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Your Webinar Training Guide for Success

Harness the power of webinar training to educate and engage your audience effectively. Explore the benefits of webinar training, including affordability, engagement, and productivity. Choose the right format, craft compelling content, and market your webinar for maximum reach and impact. Get started with expert insights and effective marketing strategies for successful webinar training.
June 6, 2023

Businesses have a variety of different strategies they can use to provide training and educational opportunities. Offering webinar training can be an excellent way to directly engage the targeted audience that might be interested in receiving a particular type of education in the field. In fact, training webinars have the second-highest conversion rate of webinars, with over 44% of attendees converting.

If you are looking for a way to build your training opportunities with webinar training, we will break down exactly what you need to know about this format.

What is a webinar training?

A webinar training refers to any form of instructional content, such as a lecture or lesson, that is conveyed through webinar software. Whether it is presented in real-time or available on-demand, the primary purpose of a webinar is to educate viewers on a particular topic of interest or guide them in achieving specific objectives.

With a webinar training, you can provide your audience and participants with educational opportunities that directly benefit them. You might offer training related to a product or service you offer or you might offer a training that relates directly to your industry. The central component of this type of conference is that you offer your audience direct opportunities to learn and gain value. You will help them attain a specific goal.

As you begin to plan for your webinar, you can choose between both live and on-demand formats. Make your selection based on factors such as how you want to engage users with the content. You may also elect to use both options, such as streaming a training live and then using the recording as an on-demand training.

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3 webinar training benefits

As you begin to build your plan for holding webinar-based training, you will quickly encounter benefits that will help your organization excel. Here are three main advantages that you will experience.


With in-person training, expenses can quickly start to multiply, from renting venues to paying for catering and anything else you want to offer your participants. When you host trainings online, you will find it easier to control many of these costs, which will then help you keep your training affordable and more cost-effective.Β 


When people attend training in person, sometimes they find that those around them can present a number of distractions. The environment and fellow attendees can make it harder for people to focus on the material at hand. For this reason, many businesses find it easier to create engaging training online rather than in person.Β 


With an online webinar training, you will have opportunities to reuse and repurpose your content, making your overall training strategy more productive. For example, you might record your live webinar training and then use that recording to create on-demand training options. You can also present the recording as a resource for people to reference even after they finish the training, helping them absorb the material so they get more out of the session.Β 

How to get started with webinar training

Now that you can start to see some of the benefits of offering webinar training to engage your target audience, let's look at a few key steps that can get you started in the right direction.

Learn from the experts

Take the time to review trainings offered by other successful businesses. You can sign up for live training or register to get their gated content for on-demand training sessions. Focus on the businesses and training that have a reputation for providing real value to their audience. While watching the trainings look for factors such as:

1. How long the training takes and the format used

‍Timing and pacing will have a big impact on how well you can engage your audience and keep them interested in your material.

2. Look at the time of day they offer trainings

‍For live training, look at the popular training times and dates. This can help you optimally plan.

3. Consider the type of resources they use during the training

‍Modern event platforms offer tremendous potential for bringing in new tools that can help people feel as though they are engaging with you in person. Look at the tools these trainings use to bring the best possible experience to the audience.

4. See how they repurpose their content and follow up after the training‍

A full 61% of marketers say that one of the benefits of live streaming events is the potential record and repurpose the material later, showing you the importance and versatility of this step. Look at what the business does after the training, including the email follow ups they send and how the webinar recording itself gets used.

5. Watch for audience engagement strategies‍

It is also a good idea to see how the trainer works to maintain webinar engagement with the audience. For example, the structure and timing of Q&A sessions, polling, and other webinar engagement options can give you ideas to incorporate into your own training session.

Choose your webinar training format

Next, once you have watched a few different successful trainings, consider the webinar format you want to use for your own session. You have a few options, and you can mix-and-match them as well. Here are your main options.

Live-streamed webinars: These webinars are streamed live with your audience watching and engaging at the same time. This can be a good format if you want to open yourself up to live questions and conversation.

On-demand webinars: You can use recordings from live webinars to create -on-demand webinars. These options allow people to watch the webinar on their own time. This can be good for engaging potential interested audience members who want to do the training according to their personal schedule instead of giving up a lunch break.

Follow-up recordings: These also work well for sending to people after a live webinar. With a follow up recording, people can also rewind and pause the recording, allowing them to listen, explore your product on their own, and then return to the recording. They can also reference the recording if they encounter questions later.

pre-recorded webinar training format

Craft engaging webinar content

For your training to excel, you also want to focus on creating clear, engaging content. Your material should include the following critical elements.

  1. Note your webinar topic and make sure it aligns well with what your audience wants to learn about.
  2. Create an agenda that will help you with your pacing and to ensure that you cover all the important elements that fit with your training objectives. You can promote this agenda and the important information you’ll be covering in your promotional material.
  3. Devise a plan for your engagement. Know how you will keep your audience interested, such as using polls and surveys.Β 
  4. Write helpful and clear CTAs. Make sure your audience knows exactly what they should do by adding a clear CTA when they receive your promotional content and after the webinar training.Β 
webinar content

Market your webinar training event

To bring people to your webinar training, you will need to amply market your upcoming webinar. Let people know the value that your training offers and what they can hope to achieve by attending. To bring in as many interested participants as possible, you want to promote the webinar across a few different channels and platforms. Some ideas you can incorporate into your strategy include:


Look at your email lists and segment your recipients based on those most likely to be interested in the training. Create a promotional email campaign to send to this audience.

Social media

Use your profiles on the different platforms to promote the webinar training. You might use paid advertising for your target demographics. You can also create posts on your pages to get the information in front of your followers. Encourage your followers to share the information and promote it to their own connections.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing allows you to tap into the established audiences of key influencers in your industry, letting them know about your event. Consider working with influencers who have audiences overlapping with your target audience. They can promote your event in their own content and drive audience members to your landing page.Β 

Paid promotions

PPC advertising on search engine pages can also amplify information about the event. Target people who type in keywords related to your training and let them know about the opportunity. You might couple this with retargeting advertising to reach out to those who visited your landing page but did not register.Β 

webinar promotion and marketing

Analyze your previous webinar trainings for insights

As you prepare for your upcoming training, look at the data you gathered from your past webinars. Look at information such as the number of registrants you had, your attendees, the number of replays you had on the recordings, the engagement rates, and how people rated the training after it finished.

This insight can help you determine how you want to modify the upcoming event to maximize your success. Look for tips from the past experiences for ways to improve the current event.

8 tips for webinar training

Now it is time to go launch your next webinar training. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare to go live:

  1. Double check your equipment before you go live
  2. Make sure you have clear, crisp audio
  3. Practice your pacing and keep an eye on the time
  4. Make sure your slides, backgrounds, and any other extras are professional and clear
  5. Have your speaker practice to make sure they use a conversational, approachable tone and do not sound robotic
  6. Employ plenty of visuals that help to keep attention of users
  7. Give participants opportunities to participate through surveys, polls, breakout rooms, or other engagement features
  8. Leave opportunities for questions at the end
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Make your next training webinar a success

Planning a webinar training can provide your brand with a tremendous opportunity to nurture your pipeline and provide something of value to your target audience. However, to run this type of event successfully, you need to carefully plan ahead, including finding a platform that will support your brand’s vision.

Webinar training provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for delivering impactful learning experiences. By leveraging the seamless webinar technology widely adopted by companies today, you can achieve higher attendance rates compared to traditional training methods. With webinar training, you can minimize costs associated with organizing in-person training sessions, such as travel expenses and venue rentals. This accessibility, combined with the convenience of attending from any location, makes webinars an attractive option for both trainers and learners.

To ensure the success of your next training webinar, it is crucial to utilize effective tools and platforms. One such platform is Hubilo, which offers a comprehensive solution for hosting webinars and maximizing their impact. With Hubilo, you can seamlessly create and manage interactive webinars that engage your audience, provide valuable insights, and drive meaningful results. Hubilo's robust features enable you to customize and brand your webinar experience, leverage interactive elements like polls and Q&A sessions, and analyze attendee engagement through real-time analytics.

‍Request a demo with Hubilo today and embrace the power of webinar training and unlock its numerous benefits today. Start harnessing the potential of this technology to create impactful learning experiences for yourself or your organization.


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