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Simplify your webinar creation, hosting, and attendance, and track all your KPIs in one place. See how you can track and optimize all webinar KPIs with Hubilo's Webinar+.
May 2, 2023

Webinar ROI matters! After all that planning and effort, you want to show the true impact of your webinars to stakeholders and management. Tracking those webinar KPIs can be tricky with multiple moving parts, tools, and data collection systems. Moreover, many existing webinar tools come with long learning curves and complex customizations that can impact the final output and results. 

Hubilo’s Webinar+ is for marketers like you who want to maximize conversions and measure webinar ROI at a granular level. Here is how. 

First things first, what’s Webinar+?

Hubilo Webinar+ is an all-in-one webinar platform that makes it easy to generate, nurture, and convert high-quality leads with inspiring webinar experiences. With advanced branding, engagement, and analytics capabilities, Webinar+ enables you to host interactive webinars to scale your demand-generation efforts

With Webinar+, you can say goodbye to hard-coded customizations and embrace a stunning webinar experience without coding! It replaces your endless list of marketing tools and data silos and gets accurate results with granular-level analytics and enhanced integrations.

Track and improve all your webinar KPIs in one place

1. Measure performance and boost workable leads 

Get ready to take your lead generation to the next level with captivating landing pages! Our drag-and-drop landing page builder and customizable templates make it super easy to create a registration page that perfectly matches your brand's look and feel without any coding required.

Make your landing page even more effective by adding compelling calls-to-action, custom forms, and downloadable assets to entice your audience to engage with your brand. And, if you want to reach a wider audience, embed your registration form on external websites and run targeted campaigns with tracking pixels to attract your ideal customer profile.

Plus, with our detailed registration analytics, you can see all the live conversions on your webinar landing page and identify the successful marketing channels and messages that are driving signups. Armed with this valuable data, you can optimize your promotional campaigns and get even better results.

Download Forrester Consulting and Hubilo's research about Using Engaging Webinars to Elevate the Sales Pipeline

Drive more attendance, not just MQL registration. Use our powerful email marketing engine to schedule email sequences for thousands of attendees. Ensure high delivery rates with the option to configure trusted email domains. Segment attendee lists and send personalized messages to maximize event attendance. With customized email follow-ups, you can send timely reminders to increase event attendance like never before! With an auto-calendar block, the webinar is added to the personal calendars of attendees, and they can join effortlessly with magic links in invites. See what email campaigns worked with a detailed email reporting dashboard. Monitor email open rates and CTRs in real-time. 

What’s more? Hubilo’s Revenue Impact Dashboard with a simple 3-step Salesforce integration enables you to prove the ROI from webinars with minimal manual effort. You get a unified view of all the pipeline generated and influenced through a webinar from the lead discovery stage to the deal closed/ won stage! You can track multiple webinar KPIs, including velocity and lift in win rate for webinar-attending leads. With a bird’s eye view of all your revenue metrics in one place, you can share timely insights to management and make data-driven decisions to close more opportunities.

Attract, qualify, and monitor webinar leads with Hubilo

2. Increase SALs and sales meetings with more interactions

Take your webinars to the next level with enhanced engagement and interactivity! Host full-HD sessions with real-time interactions that create new opportunities for engagement.

With our Enhanced Session Layout, you can give your attendees multiple ways to interact, including Watch Parties, reactions, and chats. And panelists have full control over the session with a dedicated Green Room and backstage conversations.

But the engagement doesn't stop there. Enable two-way engagement with live polls, Q&As, and surveys, and visualize all this engagement in real-time! With granular-level audience insights, you'll know who's most likely to buy from you and what interests them.

And with integration into marketing tools like Hubspot and Marketo, you can send timely messages based on attendee behavior. Connect your event data to CRM/automation tools with public API and Zapier access, and make it easy for sales to derive insights from the webinar to identify and engage high-value prospects.

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience's tastes and preferences, and uncover deep insights from an aggregate level to the individual attendee level to run personalized conversations that lead to more meetings and demo requests! With all these tools at your disposal, you can create truly engaging webinars that drive real results.

3. Build a scalable sales pipeline and amplify results with repurposed content.

Webinars have a long shelf life! The end of your webinar need not signify the end of your lead generation efforts. Your webinar recording offers avenues for creating attractive content assets - assets that can accelerate your sales pipeline and generate money. You can reach audiences while they're still engaged and target new ones with shareable webinar content. Hubilo's AI-powered Snackable Content Hub accelerates content creation by automatically generating 40+ customizable assets, including shareable video shorts. It captures the most engaging highlights of your session to instantly create snackable post-event content in minutes. You can trim, edit, and brand repurposable content in one place. With Hubilo, you can create more webinar-generated content and get more opportunities and revenue throughout the year. 

Marketers have enough on their plates. They need a simple and easy-to-set-up platform to host webinars, generate workable leads, and scale nurture efforts. Webinar+ helps marketing teams achieve all that and more with marketing tools, interactivity, real-time behavioral data, personalized lead nurturing, and meaningful analytics. 

See how Webinar+ works. 

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Hubilo is the webinar platform built for marketers that helps you 2X your pipeline. Founded in 2015, Hubilo's powerful engagement features, dedicated client experience team, and custom branding tools have helped create over 12K virtual events & webinars, creating hundreds of millions of minutes of high-engagement experiences and counting. Headquartered in Bengaluru and San Francisco, Hubilo's 200+ employees are dedicated to enabling webinars & virtual events that convert.

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